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der affe und die sahnestute.mp3
kaffeewasser_remute_edit.mp3 (2oo3)
maria ovenbröd feat. oskar: frag' nicht.mp3
- coming soon -

westend ghetto & maria ovenbröd's

11012005 update

26092004 update
zentrum west.mp3

sag ja!.mp3
nur 3.mp3

12082004 update
track 1 - klavimpel klavimpel
track 2 - luststrand
track 3 - monokompleks
track 4 - ein ei, das brot und dein huhn - remute remix (!)
track 5 - REMUTE's tragedy and the force - westend ghetto remix
courtesy of PUNKT MUSIC


westend ghetto vs. ovenbröd
rythm'n clickz
just some naughty girls and clickz
5.326.886 x clickz & cuts & glitches
additional drumz: maria ovenbröd

25052004 pseudolektueller interverkäufer

chicken clicks & cuts and glitches westend ghetto
westend ghetto vs. ovenbröd
chicks, clicks & sliced brainbeans



15042004 freaky sounds from our archives, featuring amazing morbid monja -
Morbid Monja - Recycle
rerecycle edited and produced by westend ghetto (2oo3)
Morbid Monja - Everything suffers
champagne edit | westend ghetto (2oo3)

da keksfabrik:
westend ghetto | biscuitcompany.mp3
w&p in april 2004

crack.exe westend ghetto

daddeln8bit.exe | level 1-4 completed.mp3

level 1 + 2

level 3 + 5

please wait ... loading stage 5

08012004 some time for pure electro: talshia - fake love
talshia - take love [chicken hips.xlarge rmx.mp3
additional remix production : westend ghetto! :-)

14122003 just a lil' update : 4 x minimal
westend ghetto - 16und3.mp3
westend ghetto - das gaga.mp3
westend ghetto - wassertee.mp3
westend ghetto - 14.800.mp3 [ANSI edit]

13122003 we love kylie:
eastend ghetto | slow.mp3

12122003 some breaks, tunes from early2003
westend ghetto | fruchtsalat.mp3
westend ghetto | rechenschieber.mp3
westend ghetto | bitCH.mp3
westend ghetto | bitpopper.mp3

12122003 this is not just a sneak preview, it's the full downloadable hq-mp3 which is gonna be released in early 2oo4 on voltage musique, wicked frickel:
westend ghetto | elvis can't sing

11122003 some wicked tunes produced earlier this year together with hamburg-based wizkid REMUTE who appears with his solo-productions on dekathlon, areal and sativae as well as on junkfood
westend ghetto vs remute | P4P
Pervertion 4 Profit feat. George Buttman
westend ghetto vs remute | hitme
westend ghetto vs remute | dr.erdbaer
Doc Erbaer | Platinum_edit
westend ghetto vs remute | TanzT!
Der Tanztee

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